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Lincoln County Museum wins Power of 100 donations of $4,450

Power of 100 Women Lincoln County held its second quarter of 2021 event on May 10th, 2021. At this event, three local non-profit applicants were selected to present for their organization to receive the group’s donation. Friends of Lincoln County Veterans, Lincoln County Museum, and Southern Alliance Spay and Neuter Clinic presented for 5 minutes each about their organization’s mission and need for additional funding. Friends of Lincoln County Veterans spoke about how Lincoln Countians came together to create a space solely to pay tribute to Veterans that lived in Lincoln County. The Warrior Exhibit is open Tuesday thru Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm at 113 Main Ave., North. The Warrior Frame Shop offers a framing to raise donations to maintain the exhibit. Southern Alliance Spay and Neuter Clinic work to save the lives of cats and dogs. They offer spay/neuter, vaccinations, preventative care, and microchips at a low cost to assist those that cannot afford these services. Lincoln County Museum shared the museum’s mission to bring our community’s history to visitors. The museum is open for tours Thursday-Saturday in May thru November. Lincoln County Museum is seeking volunteers and funds to do maintenance on the building and expand the museum. Members then voted and selected Lincoln County Museum to be the winner of Power of 100’s donation. This event also raised awareness of these organizations’ needs and how they benefit the community. At last count, Lincoln County Museum received $4,450 from Power of 100 Women Lincoln County members with funds still being received. Power of 100 Women is a national movement with a simple concept. 100 Women donate $100. Power of 100 Women meets once every three months to hear from three non-profits that benefit Lincoln County. Then members will vote to select one of these organizations and donate $100 directly to the winning organization. Power of 100 was created to see a huge impact on the community by donating $100 multiplied by 100 members for a $10,000 award. Crossroads Pregnancy Clinic was selected during the previous quarter meeting and received $4,500. In just three quarterly meetings, Power 100 Women Lincoln County members donated $14,700! The next meeting is scheduled for August 9, 2021. If you would like to become a member or apply as a non-profit, visit for more information. Photo: John Woodall - Lincoln County Museum, Bonnie Cowan - Southern Alliance, and Linda Williams - Friends of LC Veterans surrounded by Power of 100 Women LC members

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