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Hands of Mercy wins Power of 100 Donation of $5,751

Updated: May 30, 2023

Power of 100 Women Lincoln County held its first quarter of 2023 event on February 13th, 2023. At this event, three local non-profit applicants were selected to present for their organization to receive the group’s donation. Clothe Our Kids, Hands of Mercy Outreach Center, and Southern Alliance Spay Neuter Clinic presented for 5 minutes each about their organization’s mission and need for additional funding.

Sarah Reynolds with Clothe Our Kids spoke about how its organization provides at-risk children with clothing and shoes. It is not open to the public but is contacted through resources such as schools and other agencies. Every child receives seven outfits which includes pants, shirts, jackets, a pack of new socks and underwear, and a pair of shoes. In 2022, Clothe Our Kids clothed 415 kids. 52% of those were submitted through Department of Childrens Services, 24% through local schools, and 18% through Head Start. If you would like to host a clothing drive, volunteer, or donate, visit

Tina Hudson spoke about to the group about Hands of Mercy which is a community organization that offers monthly food distribution, utility bill assistance, bags of blessings, mobile food pantries, and will soon assist with beds for children in our community. We believe that a bed is a basic need for the proper physical, emotional, and mental support that a child needs. At Sleep in Heavenly Peace, we involve the community to build beds and then later deliver and assemble beds after families have been through the application process. Hands of Mercy is partnering with the South Pittsburgh, TN Chapter of SHP to provide this wonderful ministry to families in Lincoln County. To learn more about this program and other opportunities to assist, visit

Bonnie Cowan with Southern Alliance Spay and Neuter Clinic spoke to Power of 100 about how her organization works to save the lives of cats and dogs. They offer a voucher program for low-income families to spay/neuter, vaccinate, preventative care, and microchips at a low cost to assist those that cannot afford these services. This program helps provide a healthy life for pets and a reduction in the overpopulation in Lincoln County. For more information, contact Southern Alliance at 931-433-0120.

Members then voted and selected Hands of Mercy Outreach Center to be the winner of Power of 100’s donation. This event also raised awareness of these organizations’ needs and how they benefit the community. Power of 100 Women is a national movement with a simple concept. 100 Women donate $100. Power of 100 Women meets once every three months to hear from three non-profits that benefit Lincoln County. Then members vote to select one of these organizations and donate $100 directly to the winning organization. Power of 100 was created to see a huge impact on the community by donating $100 multiplied by 100 members for a $10,000 award. Power 100 Women Lincoln County members have donated nearly $50,000! The next meeting is scheduled for May 8, 2023. If you would like to become a member or apply as a non-profit, visit for more information.

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