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Humane Society wins Power of 100 Donation of $5,900

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Power of 100 Women Lincoln County held its second quarter of 2022 event on May 8th, 2022. At this event, three local non-profit applicants were selected to present for their organization to receive the group’s donation. Humane Society of Fayetteville and Lincoln County, Quatina M. Wolaver Foundation of Hope, and Simply The Truth Ministries presented for 5 minutes each about their organization’s mission and need for additional funding. The Humane Society spoke about its need for additional funding to maintain the city/county owned building the Humane Society utilizes which is in poor condition. The organization requested donations to assist with sealing concrete to help limit the spread of illness at the shelter. The Humane Society was in desperate need for donations and adoptions of dogs and cats. Kerstie Wolaver shared her story of the loss of her mother and the creation of a mission to spread awareness and hope to those that need it most. Kerstie’s mother, Quatina M. Wolaver passed away four months after an ovarian cancer diagnosis at the age of 50. Quatina was full of positivity, love, light, and gratitude and the foundation’s mission is to spread that hope and raise awareness. The following symptoms are much more likely to occur in women with ovarian cancer than women in the general population. If you experience feeling full after a few bites, pelvic/abdominal pain, urinary symptoms (urgency or frequency), or bloating, for 14 days in a month, please ask your doctor about ovarian cancer. Visit for more information about how you can help raise awareness for ovarian cancer. Simply The Truth Ministries shared their mission to offer physical, emotional, and spiritual help, hope, and healing to victims of natural disaster. Simply The Truth began as an outdoor adventure-based youth camp ministry and has been hosting camping trips for over 20 years. They are currently working with a Mimosa area family that’s home sustained flood damage over a year ago and has been unable to make all the necessary repairs. Members then voted and selected the Humane Society of Fayetteville and Lincoln County to be the winner of Power of 100’s donation. This event also raised awareness of these organizations’ needs and how they benefit the community. At last count, the Humane Society received $5,900 from Power of 100 Women Lincoln County members with funds still being received. Power of 100 Women is a national movement with a simple concept. 100 Women donate $100. Power of 100 Women meets once every three months to hear from three non-profits that benefit Lincoln County. Then members vote to select one of these organizations and donate $100 directly to the winning organization. Power of 100 was created to see a huge impact on the community by donating $100 multiplied by 100 members for a $10,000 award. FLC Arts Center was selected during the previous quarter meeting and received $5,900. In just six quarterly meetings, Power 100 Women Lincoln County members donated over $36,000! The next meeting is scheduled for August 8, 2022. If you would like to become a member or apply as a non-profit, visit for more information.

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